Draw Here 2

The second version of Draw Here 2 brings another chance for fans of drawing game to solve the strangest puzzles. It's different than the ordinary type of puzzle games thanks to the new shapes and obstacles that abc ya online 2019 chooses to add to this one. The players will use the drawing lines to either connect the pieces as required or to finish the puzzles.

There will be more than one way that you can use to pass the current level, however, it's best if your chosen method provides the shortest path possible. The fewer lines and moves that you use, the more scores you gain. Since each and every line matters, take all the factors into consideration and think carefully before starting any stage.

Draw the lines to connect the pieces or to show a way out of the puzzles. Depending on the level, the difficulty level shall vary and change constantly. How long will it take you to finish approximately 100 levels here at http://abcya.games? If you are a beginner, don't worry since you can always use the hints on the lower right corner on the screen to get through the level a little faster.

The game is all about allowing the kids to spread their imagination and expand the ability to come up with the best solution under pressure. Fun is also guaranteed thanks to the bright and lovely designs and color palette. Have fun drawing with other games like Flick Pool Star and Paint Pop 3d 2 later!

Instruction to play:

Draw using the mouse.