Paint Pop 3d 2

You own a paint gun in the special game Paint Pop 3d 2 at You are responsible for coloring the circles and completing them until the last turn. How many circles can you pass when you join this game? Surely you have to try to not paint color on the black line that appears in this game. If you shoot color on it, the game will end and you need to start the game again from the beginning.

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You save your play tips and complete the game. Then, share with other players this game and all the things you know to complete the game in the shortest time. You can join this game with skills from the first turn. Most players can pass all the plays right from the first play. Those are the experiences that you can hardly miss.

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Instruction to play:

Press and hold the left mouse button repeatedly to shoot paint on the front circle. Stop before the horizontal line moves closer to your position