Eatable Numbers

Relax with the numbers when participating in the Eatable Numbers game at abcya games. You will feel attracted to this wonderful game space. You are a red number and when you eat numbers smaller than you, you will change to another one. The frame is extremely narrow. Therefore, observe and avoid bigger numbers than you to win this new game without being bothered by advertising.

Share your play tips in new games and win with the highest score. When you eat smaller numbers, you will score points corresponding to that number in this game. This is a game that any player wants to join. Gradually, the speed of the game increased and made you confused. Do not forget your mission and win with the highest score and join the longest game. Surely this will be an interesting game that any player would like to participate in the game world of Any player loves this game.

Do not forget to share your gameplay and win with the highest score today. Friends will love this unique game world. Unlock all levels with different missions of the new journey. If you lose, don't be discouraged. Overcome all the different challenges and join our awesome game space. Share playing tips with other players today. A lot of players around the world also need your help. Some favorite games are updated similar to this game like Memory With Flags and Easter Puzzle. Please complete the game with the smallest numbers.

Instruction to play:

 Use the left mouse button to move to new positions without colliding with larger numbers in your game.