Face Paint Party!

Try to use the scariest brushstrokes you can create in Face Paint Party. This online topic attracts many players to participate. Abcya for girls offers the masquerade party you were invited to tonight. Try to hide your face but still look beautiful in this game. You can wow the crowd with your creativity by creating the perfect face. The face paint party you're going to tonight is going to be fun, but the real fun begins before the party. Players need to wash their faces and condition their skin before painting their faces.

You will have to design a funny face to show off along with choosing the best outfit to dress up according to your design. Some spa facials will make your flawless skin look like a painting. There are many choices for players when participating in this online game. Each face opens up a rewarding new world for players to choose from and complete challenges. Can you draw the face you've been thinking about? Join the funniest party on the planet about to take place. What face did you make when you joined at http://abcya.games/?

Try to be the best player today. The exciting journey is for you to explore in your spare time. Creativity will help you complete this game. Follow the game instructions with different makeup choices to complete each challenge using your chosen online gaming skill to join any of our games. Will new faces help you join the best party you've ever known. Share how to play games with other friends in their spare time. Some games similar to this game that you can't miss are Kitty Doctor and Monster Popsy Surprise Dolls

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to explore