Robot Butcher

It's time for you to explore the new game world and take on the difficult missions of the Robot Butcher journey. Players can easily join new opportunities for online journeys at A human outpost has been attacked by an army of out-of-control robots, but it's not over yet. Defend your city or team from attacks. Learn the combats for any war you might be in today. A robot created with the sole purpose of protecting humans from other robots.

Fight against the enemies and protect the world in which you survive. Where is your favorite game? Save your online game list and conquer in your spare time. Power up and upgrade different weapons in this special robot war. Follow the instructions of the game right from the first plays. This journey of ours attracts players who are ready for online quests. You will love the version of the game that the game presents to the players. We work hard to keep players on new journeys every day. Find a way to choose your favorite game theme and unlock it in your spare time. The robot war can't subdue you.

Find a way to fight to become the real hero in the new journey. Each player has different fighting skills. Share with your friends the story and winning ways you can participate. Who will become the hero of the city? ABCya shooting games give players many exciting journeys. Choose a new way to play and show off your online skills for this journey. In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in countless games similar to Monster Reform and Battalion Commander 2.

Instruction to play:

Instructions: WASD to move and mouse jump to shoot and aim.