Once you enter the world of FireBlob, you will fall addicted to the simple gameplay that is smooth and easy to play for kids of all ages. There is nothing difficult about moving a little fire blob around the platform while trying to lit up all the fire. Or will it be more difficult than you thought? Let's learn about this heated game right now at ABCya 2 without any hesitation! The main goal is very simple, which is to light up the bonfires for all stages without worrying about the time. However, there will be ice packs scattered around the platform.

These ice packs can make the fire go out in a few seconds, but make sure that you will not let that happen. Just move through the ice as fast as possible to reach the destination that you need. Also, you can take advantage of the bonfire to melt out the ice that is in your way. Use this method to open up new paths and break down the stack of ice that you need so that the goal can be achieved.

This is a new game with more than 30 levels, inspired by the colorful graphic type of games with a retro theme. Not every player can get to the exit door for each stage while keeping the fire lit, so make sure you think thoroughly before making any moves. Enjoy the calm background music to put together a relaxing experience while conquering the icy world with your fire! Get to the game website of to spot some more games that will suit your taste, such as Among Rampage and Barbarian Vs Mummy Game

Instruction to play:

Move with A, D, or arrow keys. Jump with H, W, or up arrow key.