Fish Eats A Fish

Fish Eats A Fish are ocean survival skills. Start with a friendly fish that eats plankton, but then as you grow older you can hunt toothed predators. Discover ways to play the new game at In the passing mode, the growth of the fish is preserved and more dangerous predators appear. Choose from two game modes with over 30 new levels to survive. Collect plankton floating in the water by clicking the screen or the left mouse button on the screen. Move through every location to eat the small fish.

New bonuses that help you get stronger or bigger. Take advantage of this bonus and become the predator of the ocean. The winner is the person who eats faster than the required amount of food. Complete every level through the new gameplay we present to online players. Are you ready to complete new ways of playing in this ocean game? We suggest to players many online games with tips that you can use your skills to pass. Enjoy your free time today.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Left-click across different locations to move