Flappy Bird With Voice

To control this game you need to use your voice. Interesting, right? Have you ever participated in a game Flappy Bird With Voice at abcya games free that uses voice? You will no longer need to use your hands to control. Instead, you will use your voice to help the bird navigate a land of traps. How to know that, please quickly join now in the game. You need to tune the bird in a land that is flying in the sky. You will have to speak up and down to get the bird you want. If there is an obstacle, tell the bird to avoid it by going up or down.

You can completely control this bird to collect a lot of gold coins as well as avoid fireballs or countless other animals flying in the sky. Just listening to me felt extremely interesting. You will have many most interesting moments when participating in the game. Be agile and use your voice to control the bird for a fun challenge. But you need to be quick. Otherwise, the bird will be immediately destroyed by the traps. The voice bird control is new gameplay you're sure to miss. It will make you feel more leisurely in control of the bird with your own hands and also easier.

Help the bird collect lots of gold coins to unlock the countless levels behind that are waiting for you. Do not hesitate and please invite your friends to join this game Flappy Bird With Voice at http://abcya.games/ to become the best bird voice control player ever. You will have more fun when you let your best friends participate in some other interesting games like Mole Touch and Dodge The Tower

Instruction to play:

Use your voice to control the bird up and down.