Flappy Superhero Dunk

Any journey will attract you to join at http://abcya.games/. Players overtake Flappy Superhero Dunk and keep 3 lives when they reach the highest score. This game is extremely simple. Players will move on the road and jump into the basket to score. Your score will be equal to the exact number of moves. If you use up 3 lives, this game will end. Therefore, do not ruin this journey.

You can completely improve your abilities by overcoming all the challenges of the game. Use your movement skills to pass all the baskets and collect the latest rewards you haven't seen in the previous games. This journey has attracted players of different ages and genders. ABCya unblocked games brings together a lot of useful games so that players can kill their free time during the participation and win without being bothered by any factors. This fantastic game space has become the target of many players. They always know how to perform tasks and save gaming tips to win with the highest score.

At the same time, you should share this game with your friends and see who is the ultimate winner with the highest score. Each time you pass a basket, your score will be added 1 point. Certainly, this game is too familiar to players around the world. But the way you participate and win is completely new. Please update many other similar games on your journey similar to this game such as Balls & Bricks and Flappy Shooter. We are pleased to bring you countless new play games.

Instruction to play:

Game controls: Left click the mouse continuously to fly until you pass the basket without crashing