Fruit Cubes

With different cube shapes, players will arrange puzzle pieces to complete tasks with the most difficult levels when participating in Fruit Cubes at This puzzle game is great Players choose to relax in their free time or share with friends. You can calculate how to arrange puzzle pieces to match the cube before moving them. If you fill the cube, you will reach the highest score of the level. Conversely, empty spots that appear after you have completed the level will cause you to be penalized in this game.

Pay attention to how you move and assemble to get the maximum score in each part of this exciting game. With your intelligence and flexibility, the game is completed with all levels and you have the opportunity to practice your skills and useful lessons in your spare time. Be patient and join the game today. We are constantly updating the latest games for players around the world to join at ABCya puzzle game for free. You will show your special abilities in every move. Special things of the game are waiting for you ahead.

You have the opportunity to save gaming tips and help your friends if they are also passionate about this game. Save on your list of favorite games and explore many other puzzle games at our website. After you complete the mission of each level, you can unlock all the games and show your special abilities right now. Please determine the most accurate position of the puzzle pieces before you complete the cube.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move the puzzle pieces to the new position