Tricky Tiles

Move the bricks in the appropriate direction to complete the levels of Tricky Tiles. The hardest levels appearing in this game cannot hinder the player's gaming skills at Adjust the falling direction of the bricks so that they complete the mission across the game. 

Fill the level area with bricks and have fun. New unique mechanics will make you think and enjoy the process. Adjust the pouring direction of the bricks to fill the black positions properly. There are many ways to play for you to complete the levels in the best way. Can you complete all the levels? Share with your friends how to play logically in new journeys. Each player has a different style to complete the selections excellently. Expand the online games you love now. Even the most demanding players can choose from our list of online games. Are you ready to complete the challenge at any time? 

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Become a good player with our free games. Where is the choice in the new gaming skill you started today? Fill the black patches with colorful bricks. Many similar games are recommended like SEQUENCES Join and pass as you follow the game instructions. 

Instruction to play:

Use left mouse to move tiles