Fruit Planet Wars

Presently you are caught in an organic product planet and the main way you can backpedal home is annihilation your adversaries by playing some match 3 recreations. Fruit Planet Wars is an online ABCya free games, You can play the amusement on cell phone and tablet. It is safe to say that you are perused?

Elvira - young nymph living in the fairy forest and loving nature. All my free time, she takes care of the surrounding beasts and people who live near its forests. In her spare time she liked to do his favorite thing and grow a variety of delicious fruits. Their she just handed out to everyone, what would people and animals were well fed, happy and satisfied. Today, the ABCya puzzle games Fruit Planet Wars we'll help her with the harvest.

On the screen we see a cell filled with different fruits. They will stand in the spread, but some of the same will stand side by side. Carefully inspect all that you see, try to find items that are next to three pieces. Once you find these by clicking on them. They also lost one hour from the screen and you will be given points for it.

Remember that the level is passed only when you are within a certain time will type a certain amount of abcya game points. So be careful and try to pass this puzzle. Game Fruit Planet Wars is quite interesting. It develops your attentiveness, reaction and speed of thinking. All who try to pass it very carried away gameplay. On our site you can play Fruit Planet Wars for free and without registration. Just open Fruit Planet Wars in your browser and enjoy exciting puzzle. You can find tons of choices on our site. There are so many amazing options to suggest but Fruits Mahjong and Catch That Cat are 2 of the best ones so check out.

Instruction to play:

Instruction: Use the mouse to interact with the computer