Furious Road

How well do you handle the pressure? If you are a talented driver who can drive at a stable speed and deviate the car at the same time, Furious Road is the perfect choice for you. In this daring game, your opponent will constantly try to eliminate you and your car by shooting the endless missiles at you. These missiles are locked on your position, which means you can simple swerve the car to avoid them.

The tough part of the abcya game is that you will drive your car on a road full of fire and molten lava as well. Survive in this dangerous terrain and trick the missiles to blow up your enemies! There are a few tips for the players of this driving game from abcya. You should avoid the stones and the broken cars and try to collect useful tools to buy many new weapons. These weapons play an important role in improving your car's capacity and speed, so make sure that you pick up as many as possible. Moreover, there will be icons on the game screen to alarm you of the incoming missiles and bullets. The speed of your car will also be available on the screen, so take control of these statistics and icons to master the patterns of the bullets.

The car is quite hard to control, but you will master this racing game in no time! Come and check out more driving games at http://abcya.games with your friends now!

Instruction to play:

Move left, right, speed up and slow down with your arrow keys.