Looper Hit

With these archery games, you will determine the most accurate path and shoot the colored circles that appear along the way. The world of Looper Hit now http://abcya.games/ will lead you to one of the most interesting archery games. The number of arrows will gradually increase from easy to difficult. You start playing with an arrow then gradually increase 2, 3 and more when you play the game to the most difficult level.

The player can position the correct position to move the arrow until the arrow can touch the round dots. If you fail from the first shot, the game will end and you have to start over. Therefore, focus on the direction of the arrow and complete the mission in this section. Share with your friends the gaming tips you've synthesized in the game so they also have a chance to win without being bothered by any of the elements at ABCya 2 games. Surely, this is an interesting game that players can explore and complete easily. If the arrow moves against the position you originally defined, you can wait for the next move to be able to shoot the arrow most accurately. This game attracts many online game players to explore and relax in their free time. Space game will attract you to discover and achieve the highest score.

What are you waiting for without completing your turn now? We suggest giving players other similar games to participate in like Wind Rider and Super Mario Star Scramble 3. Enter your extremely favorite new world and complete the first round. the best way.

Instruction to play:

 Click the left mouse button when you have determined the path of the arrow and win your game