Gartic IO is a fun multiplayer online game very similar to the popular Pictionary. Enter a room with people from around the world and have some hours of laughter. Try to guess what other players are drawing, if you guess the exact word, you will earn points. When your turn comes, you will be given a word, which you will have to draw for the other players to guess. You will earn points for every player that gives the right answer, so give your best to do a nice and specific work. Don’t concentrate on details, you have a limited amount of time.

If you enjoy drawing and doodling, you are sure to love This is a fun ABCya .io game  in which you must compete against other players to guess their drawings and to create your own masterpieces for them to guess. The rules are simple - you cannot draw letters, numbers or symbols, but anything else goes! (Players can report each other if they break the rules)

During each ABCya games, you are placed with a group of other players. One player takes their turn to create a drawing relating to a specific word. The other players must guess this word correctly. Whoever guesses correctly gains some points! This game really tests your drawing skills and your ability to interpret what others are drawing too - you will find yourself playing for hours on end and drawing anything from a Monkey to money! We appreciate your comments so much. Find a variety of games such as and at Try them now! Share our games with your best friends. Rate them highly.

Enjoy Garticio! 

Instruction to play:

Instruction: Left click to choose a color and drag left mouse button to draw.