Halloween Slide Puzzle

The golden ticket is trapped between many scary creatures in Halloween Slide Puzzle, a abcya's puzzle game. This is the new type of puzzle game with the inspiration of Halloween. You can celebrate the Halloween spirit with your friends by testing out your ability to solve the puzzle at http://abcya.games

On each level, there will be a golden ticket in the middle of the map. In order to get the ticket, your goal is to come up with the least number of moves to slide the items scattered around to make enough space to navigate the gold to the exit. Since the exit is small, it takes serious thinking to find the most suitable way. Not only do you need to make the space big enough but you also need to take the number of steps into consideration. Remember to pay attention to the score on the right corner of the screen as well.

For the higher levels, the number of steps will be even smaller. This kind of game has many new challenges and creative ideas to force the players to brainstorm a little bit. The best player will be the one with the highest scores and a high ranking on the Leaderboard. Some of the puzzles are easy enough to solve at once, while the others are more complicated. You need to be patient to enjoy the process of solving puzzles.

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Instruction to play:

Move the pieces with your left mouse.