Hanger is the totally awesome arcade abcya game in which you get to swing like Spiderman through the air avoiding obstacles to travel as far as you can. You will control a ragdoll character and have to swing from rope that you create that attaches to the ceiling and keeps you airborne while navigating the level.

First it was Tarzan, then it was Spider-Man. Now it's you! In the funny little dexterity game Hanger, you get to swing on long ropes, throw new ones ahead and let go of the old ones. Advance in each level by keeping your guy from crashing into the ground, the ceiling or any objects you may find along the way. Because if you do, the result is a little awkward. Blood, lost limbs and the agonized bleeding of a pixel character, who just wants to get away from you. Let's not dwell on that. Instead, think of all the fun you can have with Hanger! Swinging and flying and definitely not smashing into solid objects!

Can you help him keep swinging through the air in this online abcya 3 game? There's coins he can collect during his journey that he can trade for cool costumes.

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  • You can instantly attach a rope
  • Physics element plays an important role
  • Collectible coins to unlock more awesome characters, including Mario
  • Your body parts can be torn if you hit a trap

Instruction to play:

Arrows = Swing, Space = Let go / throw rope Enter = Hang, Space = Hang/Release