Hello Cats

The game Hello Cats at http://abcya.games/ is one of the interesting games that you can't ignore in your free time. The cat is standing in a certain position and you need to draw the different ways to make the cat fall in this game. Try to draw once instead of multiple times to complete the fastest task. Different levels will have different levels of difficulty in the game. Therefore, players need to flexibly change the way of drawing with different shapes. Depending on the terrain and location, different shapes of the bricks will be used when you join this game.

Each journey through different levels from easy to difficult will help you have certain interesting experiences. Get ready for the new lessons that this game brings players from all over the world. Abcya new games continuously create conditions for players not to be bothered by ads or game loading speed. The credibility of players for our website is the most special thing we receive and always try every day to serve the players in the best way.

You can get ready for your journey and save basic gaming tips to get the game through the best way. Various support items such as bombs will be used after each drawing to fly the block onto the position where the cat is standing. That is the best way for you to move. In addition, we suggest similar games with this game for players worldwide to participate in their free time such as Gravity Running and Wheres My Avocado Draw Lines. You will find the most appropriate way to move the cat in this game and join other adventures.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to draw different shapes so that they fall and make the cat fall