Hero 3 Flying Robot

Use the free time you have to discover a new journey in the game Hero 3 Flying Robot. You have always dreamed of being the superhero of the world. Fly around the city and destroy the enemies. ABCya games have many superhero games. The content of the games is different.

The energy is in your hand. Use homing rockets to destroy several enemies at once. Activate a laser beam from your chest and ignite crowds of enemies. Destroy all enemies who have captured the city. Activate the protagonist's abilities in addition to the usual ones. Open up the vast game world in this addictive game with beautiful graphics. Will you survive without being hit? Dodge enemy attacks as you watch them from above. Experience this novel game with one click. Any player wants to participate in the challenging online game that we introduce. What's the best turn you've had? Use combat skills to defend the city.

Show how to play this game with your friends. Observe the enemy's position to avoid different shots. Will they knock you down? Do not hesitate to overcome all obstacles of this war and become the best player. A new list of online games waiting for you to discover. Update the list of the latest fighting games at https://www.abcya.games/. The battles become an experience that is hard to miss. Our list of online games is chosen to join after every hour of intense study. Become the best player and expand the game world with games similar to Om Nom Connect Classic and Spidey Man Rescue Online. You will love and survive every journey.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Mouse - Look around, WASD - Space to move / Ctrl - Move up/down, Shift - Fast fly, Left mouse button - Shoot with the left hand, Right mouse button - Activate Beam, F - Fire trigger rocket