Hero 5 Katana Slice

Each battle has numerous challenges that players must face in Hero 5 Katana Slice. Take your free time to explore our favorite games at https://www.abcya.games/. The war appears on your doorstep. Your homeland needs your help in the onslaught of the enemy. You have no choice. Your family is in danger.

Hold your ancestor's katana in your hand. Defeat every enemy that threatens your family. Rivals appear everywhere. Are you ready to fight in this war? Complete all challenges and choose the best way to play in battle. Attack enemy samurai and slash their body. Crush armored enemies by chopping off their heads. Follow the instructions of the game to choose the right way to play the game and complete the tasks without spending a lot of time searching.

Make a long-range throw at ninjas lurking on rooftops and throw shurikens. Please save your homeland. Join this medieval Japanese game and you will be addicted to its amazing graphics. The bravest are ready to fight the opponents. The best leaders are ready to fight to protect their homeland from enemy attacks. The best Japanese graphics appear in this fighting game. Many players have chosen an interesting online game moment without spending much time searching.

Abcya fight games open up new worlds for each player to enjoy in their spare time. Show your fighting skills in each new war. Share how to join this game with your friends. We also update many new games similar to this game like Spidey Man Rescue Online and Om Nom Connect Classic. Complete the challenges excellently.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Left mouse button (Hold) - Katana Attack, Right mouse button + Aim at an enemy - Throw in, target mouse - Look around, WASD - Space to move (Hold) - Shift, Shift - Run