Heroes Of Mangara

Heroes Of Mangara makes you the hero of the new war. Fight against other opponents and become the best player. ABCya fight game opens up new worlds for players to explore in their spare time. Complete a brand new tower defense-based game that combines strategy and RPG elements. You can sharpen your heroes' skills, live through their adventures across the lands of Mangara and defeat enemy armies in your quest to return peace to the lands.

Explore the map with all the different lands. Build towers and put heroes in them. Use apps like support to deal damage and heal. Complete the lands with the weapons you have created. Enemies appear everywhere. This war cannot be stopped. Find the best way to play and explore our world of online gaming at https://www.abcya.games. With different ways of playing, you can learn many useful lessons.

Share game tips to complete the fight. Your friends are ready to choose this newest game world. Complete the sections to get the best results. The enemy's elite armies cannot destroy your land. Build turrets in different locations. Destroy many enemies on this journey. Each stronghold has a different strength. Create the most powerful weapon to complete every war. This interesting game content has attracted many players of different ages.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button or tap directly on the screen if you play games on your phone