Hexar .io

You are familiar with multiplayer .io games and you can absolutely win with the most territory area when participating in Hexar .io at http://abcya.games/. Each player has a color Certain colors and they can move to expand territory by cranking different areas. However, you will move very slowly or collect green dots that appear on the screen. Therefore, you need to eat them to move faster before the opponent can cut your path and make you fail in this game. Expand your territory by moving quickly through different areas and completing the path when you have returned to the territory without being cut off by the enemy.

You will use moving tips such as cutting off enemies' paths so that they disappear from the game. Be careful in your every step to complete the game with the widest territory at ABCya io games. This is one of the interesting games that many players have achieved a high record in the most recent time. Online game players around the world choose .io games to relax most comfortably after every stressful working hour.

With the movement skills available after the first rounds, you will surely win after many failed attempts. This is also one of the challenges in the migration process that .io games have the same content for online game players worldwide. What are you waiting for without discovering our exciting game world through the latest .io games updated like Evowars .io and Knifez .io. Let's win with the highest score over your play times to show the ability you have achieved.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move and complete the path in your territory