Hit The Hole

Help the ball move into the hole from different positions when you join the online game Hit The Hole at http://abcya.games/. With different plays, you can take advantage of your special play to move the ball into the hole and overcome obstacles that appear at the next level without being bothered by any factor. Certainly, obstacles will gradually increase through the levels to increase the difficulty level.

Therefore, you need to observe and try ways to move from moving in a straight line or colliding with barriers to create the most accurate path in the movement of the ball. The last task you need to complete is to push the ball into the hole and win the level with the highest score. Save tips when you pass all levels of this game. Become the best player you can join at ABCya online games.

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Instruction to play:

Left click to drag the ball, select the power and release the mouse button when you want the ball to move