Stone Smacker

Stone Smacker is the perfect option for the fans of puzzle games that require putting a piece into its perfect position in a bigger frame, but with this ABCya game, you will experience a different platform and setting. With a classic pixelated theme, you can look forward to top-down gameplay set in a game setting like the classic Mario game. The main task for you to win this game is to find the blank spots or the holes to fit the stones and push them toward those holes correctly.

Also, keep in mind that you should take a look at all the signs because they have some instructions, good tips on where to move toward, and what to do to figure out the location of the treasure chests. Your friend in this game will be the young redhead who is willing to go to all ends to spot the chests so as to save the villagers. Do you have the wisdom and the skills of an adventurer to conquer this game without failing to locate any chest?

Solve the puzzle shown on the path and you can get more clues and hints to win. There will be lots of other objects on the platform like the trees, bushes, boxes, and gift boxes for you to slice with your sword. Only one or two hits will be able to cut them open, so don't leave any behind. Are you ready to hit the journey from and enjoy a thrilling time filled with unexpected surprises? Feel free to dive into a bunch of new games with diversity in genres such as Yellow Balls and Jewels Mine

Instruction to play:

Click WASD to move, use the spacebar to Attack. You can also play using the mouse cursor.