Hungry Shark Arena

Gather your energy and swim underwater with your shark in Hungry Shark Arena from ABCya free games! Not only will this game be a special adventure for fans of this movement-controlling genre but it also brings that most intense battle to you! Your job is to control the swimming motion of the shark to take down any vicious enemy that comes your way.

Don't forget that surviving is the top priority in this game, but you can only do so by capturing and eating the most fish. Learn the basic movement and start swimming around to grow and make sure that you have a powerful shark! Dodge the others' attacks and grow to a certain extent so that you can counter-attack as well. In this cruel battle, all the best players get to claim the top title on the board with their high scores and skillful techniques. You can consume any fish that is smaller than your size. Moreover, pay attention to the scattered creatures like the shrimp, the shells, octopus, and so on.

They can be your targets as well, therefore, don't miss them out in the journey to win. Don't forget to steer clear of the territory of bigger sharks or else yours will be an easy target. As it's a ruthless battle, make sure that you can survive before making any new attack move. Enjoy the game as a Hunter, a Brawler, or a Charger and demonstrate how to win it fast! Let's dive into a high-quality game with adorable animation and diverse animal ranges. We have other similar games such as Kingdom Of Ninja 7 and Super Stickman Fight from for your entertainment and give your friend an enjoyable playtime as well, therefore, take a look and have a blast!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse and drag it to move the shark, double click to jump.