I'm A Skateman

ABCya free new games open a world of new games that players can relax in their spare time. Enjoy I'm A Skateman with different missions across levels. Draw the stickman's path and reach the finish line safely to become the best player with your amazing IQ. Collect coins and beware of deadly traps along the way. The missions appear through different levels. Show off your moves skills and become the best player today. Game tips become useful to you in each game. After unlocking the missions, recommend them to your friends.

Share gameplay and different games in your favorites list. Can you complete this difficult task? Collect the gold coins and draw the path for the stickman. If you fall on the obstacles, you will lose. Try to win every moment of the journey you have today. It hurts if the stickman falls into the obstacles. They will be crushed. Win the hardest levels in the journey this game introduces to online multiplayer. Share move tips with some players when they can't pass the level. What is the best play you have completed? With each choice, you try to enter and pass without spending a lot of time searching. Explore different lessons and make the best choice for each journey.

The list of online games is for you to play at https://www.abcya.games/. Draw a moving line as many times as you can if you see moving obstacles. The level of difficulty increases gradually, and the player must be ready to face all the tasks. Explore the new game space through many similar games with this game like Cake And Candy Business Tycoon and Trains.io 3D

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse to draw the path of the stickman