Ice Queen

Ice Queen is a frozen land where players need to find the keys to open the doors. Travel safely through multiple locations, collecting ice cream and items to help you open the journey. If you love adventure games, don't miss the game list at

Players can explore the world of ice and snow while completing levels, collecting ice cream, and eating sweets. Obstacles on the way cannot stop you. Unlock every journey you want now. This game has many difficult levels. Meet important people for keys as you earn enough items for them. This exchange is necessary. Immerse yourself in the world of Ice Queen as you progress through each level. Overcome each obstacle the game throws at you. Get ready to be the best player at the top of the online game leaderboard. Share this game with your friends to enjoy a fun relaxing moment every day. Unleash the world of the best fairy tales when you're ready to join today. Help our couple escape the rooms of the frozen land and live happily ever after.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use arrow keys to move