Iced Land Adventure

The boy did not accidentally put a warm hat scarf and mittens, shod boots, he went to the game Iced Land Adventure on an exciting journey through the snow-covered ground.

A traveler knows that the road can happen, so you will accompany him. The road lies on the platforms covered with fluffy snow, the hero will have to jump to get the gold coins, and most importantly - Keys, gleaming gold. They definitely need to collect, so that the character could get in the door and go to the next level. In the North, live many different animals: seals, penguins, polar bears, they are accustomed to the cold, it protects the animals warm skin and thick fat layer.

Try to Iced Land Adventure make sure that the hero is not met in the local inhabitants, they do not like visitors and can freeze the boy, turning it into a snow statue. Jump over them, or right on top of it go astray predator confused, you can throw in a snow beast. To control the hero use the control buttons are drawn on the screen, if you play on a touch screen device.

When using the keyboard arrow keys to proceed and A to attack with snowballs. Fans of platform games like tour Iced Land Adventure, it will allow you to show dexterity and ingenuity to overcome obstacles. Especially cus will have to jump on the floating platforms.

Are you looking for a funny adventure game? Welcome to Iced Land Adventure with beautiful pictures and funny animal enemies. You will experience a wonderful Journey in the iced land. And your mission is to collect all coins and keys, and fight with dangerous enemies before arrive at the end door. Enjoy Iced Land Adventure at ABCya free! Don’t forget to explore different choices of games on our site. They’re sure to keep you entertained. Some of the best options for you are Powerpuff Girls Smashing Bots and Gangsters

Instruction to play:

How to Play:

- Hold the left and right buttons to move.

- Tap the jump button to jump.

- Tap M on keyboard or BUTTON in screen to enter the door

- Tap A on keyboard or HIT BUTTON in screen to attack enemies

- Collect all coin in the level

- Collect 3 key to open the door

- defeat enemies with snowball and jumping on.