Bob The Robber 5

The best puzzle game from abcya 2 has just been updated! With this new version, Bob The Robber is ready for you to go on a new adventure to discover the mystery location. Bob wants your help to collect the treasure in Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure because the place is crowded by mummies, security guards, and crazy scientists.

All of these obstacles will prevent him from reaching the destination and collecting the gold. There is a total of 10 levels for you to explore. Try to collect every coin in every level to earn up to 3 stars in this game at Abcya. Only the most sneaky player can successfully gather these coins without being caught. Moreover, you will also have to knock your enemies out, find all the hidden boxes, hide from the security cameras and run as fast as you can to escape the huge mummies. A tip for the new player is that you should pay attention to the training camera. If you stand still in the dark, you will be safe.

There will be a red alarm to notify you of the dangerous section. As long as you steer clear of these sections, everything will be fine. This game is all about the flexibility, the quick movement and a little bit of intelligence to choose the correct doors. You can start off many adventures with some games such as Bricks Breaking and Cars For Kids at

Instruction to play:

Use the left and right arrows to move, up arrow to take the coin and use the mouse to enter the codes.