Idle Factory

We need a talented and ambitious boss to help these lazy employees go to work. In Idle Factory, you will be the best boss if you can make as many products as possible by pushing the lazy workers and become incredibly rich! The job in includes creating the motivation to make them swing the hammers and break down the available resources.

Do all that you need to so that you can create a professional line of work and an efficient procedure. This game will channel your inner management skills and take the job of managing the factory to a new level as you have to work under immense pressure. Moreover, it's also an opportunity to get seriously rich and write your name on the top golden board of ABCya games. The first thing you should develop in this game is to find some more labor. Assign the hammers to them and keep adding new workers from time to time.

Don't forget to update them to increase speed and capacity. Prepare to set some well-assebled lines in your own factory! Also, remember to think about expanding the factories as well by buying another factory using your gained coins. Think outside the box and come up with the best business plans to gather more and more coins! Do other miscellaneous tasks while playing the game and check out some more cools choices like Willow Pond and Habbo Clicker later.

Instruction to play:

Click and drag to control the characters and resources in the game.