Find the way to victory in! This .io game abcya sends you into battle with a deadly spear. Glide on the water and pierce your enemies to survive. You can dash to avoid being hit. Don't get stuck under a tree!

In this abcya free game you have to fight for the glory of ugandian warrior and you have to fight with everyone and need to become strong and powerful. is an ultimate battlefield of connected islands located 5 miles from da mada land  for testing da true Ugandan warrior spirit of da brodas who want to dedicate dem lives to da Knuckol tribe!You join in an attempt to become da strongest warrior and began da path to da Commanda? rank renown for his powa in da field and commanding da wae!

Play unblocked at Strategy

Avoid all spears for dem will instantly kill you, Make sure you keep that dash off of cooldown cause it can either save your life or cause you to lose it

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to change the direction and use the left click to boost.