Money Movers 2

Money Movers, our favorite puzzle platformer is back at! Complete each level by reaching the exit using switches, lasers, moving platforms and more... The 2 brothers in Money Movers 2 are trying to save their father by breaking in. Can you help them?

If you remember, these to brothers had successful on escaping from the prison in the first chapter of Money Movers. But, there is something comes with this chapter, that you will be surprised. Two brothers have to go back to prison. Why? Because, this time, they must save their father who is just put in prison. A great game awaits you with Money Movers 2 with twenty game levels which are full of excitement and great bonus levels. Let's begin!

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  • Make use of the characters strategically to complete a level
  • Challenging levels

Instruction to play:

Control with W, A, S, D and arrow keys.