LOL Soft Girl Aesthetic

The fashion trend from Tik Tok is the goal that you are aiming for in the game. Please join now in the game LOL Soft Girl Aesthetic at abcya girl games to help the girls become the most stylish. You will become a ruler of today's hottest fashion trends. So you will be invited to a happy party for them. Try your fashion design talent to help these three best friends wear the best outfits. Your first goal is makeup. You start with the first girl. Choose for her a haircut that feels the most personal. After that, you will choose similar things to lipstick.

Which lipstick color do you think would suit her? Choose a red lipstick color to make her more mature. Then you choose the eye shadow, the cheek powder. The finished face she looks extremely beautiful. Coming to this fashion style, let's observe the hottest styles today to choose from. A short shirt with a high waistband is a lot of young people love. Add a pair of shoes to make your outfit more dynamic. With many different styles as well as detailed color models. There will be a lot of outfits that will make you wonder. But choose your style. You will add shoulder accessories such as glasses or bags. The three girls look perfect and become energetic.

Making choices for the other two girls to help her father become the most fashionable girls today. Makeup added to a few game genres LOL Soft Girl Aesthetic at together with his friends. You will have more fun when participating in a few other similar genres like Penguin Diner and Falling Gifts

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to be able to choose from a variety of modern fashions.