Race Masters Rush

Race Masters Rush appeals to driving game enthusiasts. You also have the opportunity to try this shooting game at https://www.abcya.games. Help the little hero go as far as he can in a dangerous race full of enemies. This unique free-driving game appeals to the most demanding players. A death race begins with our hero.

Characters need to reach their goal as quickly as possible but will encounter enemies on motorbikes, and multiple drones will prevent this from happening. Drive through all the roads and get ready for this new battle to be the best player. Each player is skilled at driving and ready to take on many challenges in the new games they love. Shoot and avoid obstacles and collect weapons that you can improve your characteristics like speed, shield, ammo, and more. Eliminate your opponents and go as far as you can without colliding with any obstacles on the new journey. Unlock new cars with different speeds as you complete each level. Improve the score to get the highest score. The driving and shooting experiences come in handy in this game.

ABCya driving game opens up new worlds for each player to join and unlock missions without spending much time searching. Fight and become a highway hero. You will survive crossing every street in the city. Do you love our game space? Drive across the roads and experience the game for free with this exciting content. Multiplayer also save online game list with many driving games similar to Hero 3 Flying Robot and Om Nom Connect Classic. Try to become the best player today.

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use keyboard arrows and WASD keys to move. On mobile devices, use the on-screen buttons