Mad Mad Unicorn

ABCya games introduce Mad Mad Unicorn for players to join in their spare time. Help the unicorn fly in the sky and fight other birds. Stay away from the rockets if you want to survive to the end of the game. This unicorn is going against the world. And humanity will use rockets to destroy it. Try to move through different locations to destroy the flock of birds and avoid missiles. You can eat carrots to become stronger. They will come in handy for a short period. Therefore, offer the best solution in your journey without being bothered by any factors. 

This game becomes special with multiplayer. Its exciting content challenged players to overcome new races. The rockets did not follow any familiar path. Therefore, you need to change the distance based on that way of traveling. Fly through different locations in the sky and show off your amazing gaming skills in this game at 

Unicorns are no longer as cute as in our girl's games. It becomes stronger and has to survive its new life in the sky. The missiles could hit it at any time. Find the best move until you win different objectives in this new game. 

Share new games and ways to play with your friends. Each player tries to complete this special game space without being disturbed. Show off your gaming skills and complete new missions today. Each time you join, you will have a different game experience. Become the best player in all the turns. Some of the online games that we recommend for players all over the world to participate in are…………. Be ready to join anytime you want. 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move through locations in the sky