Magic Cube

 Magic Cube at forces you to move the small cube in the cube so that each face represents a certain color. Play tips or algorithms have been used in this game. Therefore, you only need to rotate in the right direction of the inside of the game for the best results. Your journey will become more difficult if you don't pay attention to. Therefore, learn how to move the cubes to align them with the same color on each side. You can fully enjoy this journey with one of the most impressive Rubik games we have updated for online game players worldwide.

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Learn to decipher the cubes you need to complete the arrangement. We perfect new games in different lists for players to choose and relax. Please save some games similar to this game and for you to join when you have free time like Motorcycles Puzzle and Fruit Cubes That's the best choice!


Instruction to play:

Left click twice to move the cube to the best position