Mahjong Classic

Do you know the game Mah-jong Classic? It's one of the board games which is gaining popularity these days in thanks to its cool features. It's time you tried out this iconic board game in the online version from Abcya game 3! The rule is incredibly simple so it’s suitable for both adults and children.

First, players will be given a number of tiles which are scattered around the game screen. Take a moment to grasp the symbols and the pictures on each tile. However, there will be some hidden underneath the others. You must match all the pairs of the same tiles together in order to remove all the tiles from the playing field. The task of searching for two similar tiles might sound easy, but you have to work logically and remove tiles from top to bottom.

One wrong move will prevent you from finding the tiles which are placed underneath! In this game, you will also learn the beauty of the amazing Chinese symbols and characters. For each level, the ultimate goal is to finish that level in the shortest time possible. Usually, there will be 144 tiles which are scattered in 5 layers for you. The green background with a bamboo image is soothing to look at for a long time. In the event of not finding the desired piece, simply redo moves and use hints.

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Instruction to play:

Choose with your left mouse.