Rolly Vortex

There are more and more simulation games nowadays with many unique and creative themes. Especially, players in abcya online can find all the best ones in our collection for both the adults and the children.

Among the long list of games in this genre, Rolly Vortex is a casual game that stands out. It is a simple and endless game which has captured the attention of so many players thanks to the fun that this abcya 2 game brings. Your ultimate goal is to send the ball to the rotating shield, then control its movement and moving direction so as to avoid hitting obstacles. The moment your ball hit any of the obstacles, the game is over.

The further the ball goes, the higher your score is. You need to collect the special boosters and gifts on the way to increase your score. Will you be able to break the record and write your name on the Board? The special features of the game must be such a vivid and colorful setting and the multi-dimensional layout. This contributes a lot to the game's success since the kids tend to love a game with bright graphic designs and cool gameplay.

Such a fun game from will guarantee an extremely fun playtime, but we have even more games like 10x10 and Dominoes Multiplayer for you to play for free!

Instruction to play:

Tap on your screen, click using your left mouse or use the spacebar.