Mechanic Max

Wash off a lot of dirt in this car and make it a great taxi or racing car in the game Mechanic Max at abcya game online. First you add soap so you can foam in front of this car then use the tap to wash it off. Your car was extremely clean. Will wipe all remaining water on the car with a towel. After that the car was cleaned and extremely new. You will transform into a car repairman at a dizzying speed and as fast as possible. Try not to leave any water drops on the car. Use your agility to quickly pass the game level given. What's your next mission?

You must drive her car to the repair site of these devices after they are cleaned. Please inflate, change oil, and do many different actions to make the car even better and act as a racing car. So can you renew this car? This is great when you have a wise skill of repairers for many years. Just follow the instructions of the game and you will have a chance to complete this mission.

Let's pump up the tire to get the car back on the stretch and move faster. Make for an amazing car. Later on, there will be a variety of vehicles such as ambulances, taxis, and supercars coming to you to request repairs. You can randomly select a broken car so that you can repair it in the best way. Have fun in this game Mechanic Max at with your friends to become the most professional car repairman together. Explore a few other similar car repair game genres Charge Through Racing and Wheelie Biker

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to be able to finish the newest cars.