Temple Ball

The new game Temple Ball attracts many players with new content. You can easily explore this game in your spare time. Unlock all journeys in the game at https://abcya.games/. If you collide with the sliders, the game is over. Therefore, players need to observe the sliders before they get close to them. Move to high positions to get the highest score through the turns. This journey of ours is extremely rich in content.

Click to make your ball climb out of the temple of endless doom. Easy to play, hard to master. Learn new movement skills and gameplay tips for the journey you want to complete. Many players love and want to explore this new game in their spare time. Reach as high as possible and then break your high score. Fly high or low to stay safe from moving obstacles. This game is really useful for online players all over the world. Expand the list of online games with many new games daily. You will be proud of the journeys you have passed and the scores you have in this game. Many players have chosen their favorite game.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to fly up, release the mouse to the lower altitude