Mia Doll Machine

Mia Doll Machine

Date added: 09/05/2017

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Mia Doll Machine is a free online game on http://abcya.games/. You can play Mia Doll Machine in your browser without directly.

I know many a gaming machine in which piled up a huge amount of toys that you need to get with a small grip, dropping him down at the right time. But I think many could not do it due to the fact that the capture of this does not have the necessary strength and the toy falls in the last moment. But it can be fixed in Mia Doll Machine game where a little girl Mia faces a similar machine.

She wants to pick up from there as much as possible a wide variety of toys and we have to help her in this. It soon becomes close and start to follow the movement of the stylus to click your mouse at the time when it will be on one of the toys. We must act fairly quickly, because the passage of each level is given a little time, and for the length of time necessary to raise a certain amount of toys in the game Mia: Automatic with toys.

Try to every attempt has been successful, making sure everything is just. And to go to the next level you need to have time to get toys for a certain amount of money, so try to collect only the most valuable items. In subsequent levels, a variety of toys will grow and there will be a box of surprises that will make the game Mia Doll Machine even more captivating, making you pass one level after another, oblivious of time and all his works.

Playing this fun arcade game, to help Mia grab dolls! Caught dolls will get gold coins rewards! Using the gold coins to buy props, so you can catch more dolls. Have fun!

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