Missile Defense System

You can hit all the missiles that are about to fall into your city when you join the Missile Defense System game online at abcya 5. It's great if you use numbers. Have your weapons available and fight until the final victory. Do not forget that the number of bullets you have is limited. Therefore, you will shoot when the missiles fall in the same position. Determine the right direction of the missile and shoot them accurately.

Target shooting skills will help you complete this game in the best way. You not only determine the exact direction of the missile but also fire before it reaches a fixed time. See how many points you have in this game. Do not forget to save game tips and share with your friends or challenge them in this game to see who is the winner. We have updated this game at http://abcya.games for those who play online games all over the world in the easiest way. You are not bothered by ads or load factors. Be ready for the challenges of the game and get the highest score in the rankings with your great gaming skills. Your friends will definitely love this game in their spare time.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to aim and shoot the most accurate missiles falling on the city