Mortal Brothers Survival

Mortal Brothers Survival includes many levels with different challenges. Go through this special journey if you love the ABCya game. Two enemies need to help each other in this game. Will they escape the dungeon? Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and complete various challenges of the game. Help Scorpion and Subzero navigate the dark tunnel with attention before difficult positions.

Collect flames corresponding to each character to be able to complete each level, but be careful if you touch the flames on the ground that do not correspond to you. You will lose immediately. The player can completely restart the game. Therefore, take your spare time to explore the latest gaming world today. Solve all the missions with online gaming skills. Join the game with your friends for the best results. Multiplayer is ready to complete this world with different missions. You will love the special game space and enjoy one of the newest games at If you collide with flames of different colors than yours, the game will be over.

Pay attention to these requirements to complete our online gaming world. Each player has gameplay tips and moves skills to complete all the missions. Survive the obstacles of the dungeon. You will love the exciting space we present to players around the world. Enjoy a great game space with versions that you have never participated in on other websites. These specials appeal to all players. Many players are ready to unlock special game spaces such as Canoniac Launcher and Heroes Of Mangara. Check your new world with new games online.

Instruction to play:

Controls: WASD and arrow keys to move characters, spacebar to change characters, keys E to move the platform, tap the game buttons on mobile and tablet.