Orange Hero Jigsaw

Putting together scattered pieces to create the original picture of Orange Hero Jigsaw is your goal in this newly added game from ABCya collection of puzzle and jigsaw genre. It's time to learn how to assemble the right pieces from a lot of pieces that seem don't connect at all. This is the game for the players who are patient, meticulous and play with a sharp eye.

First, choose from the variety of 12 images to find out which picture catches your eye. Then, for each picture, you can challenge yourself with the easy mode of 25 pieces, the medium level with 49 pieces or go hard with 100 pieces. As the number of pieces increase, so does the difficulty level. The more pieces there are, the longer it takes to search for the correct pieces and put one to one.

Not only is it a game of test with basic searching skills and matching skills but it's also one of the popular puzzle games with vivid pictures, vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay without any interruption of advertisings. Get addicted to the intensity of putting these pieces to their place while figuring out the overall frame of the picture now with more gaming selections such as Treasures Of The Mystic Sea and Skydom. A new world filled with brain-training games awaits at!

Instruction to play:

Click and drag using the left mouse to assemble the puzzle pieces.