Treasures Of The Mystic Sea

Treasures Of The Mystic Sea at is a special game where players take this new journey and collect treasures by moving the same objects as the game. Match 3 to score points and win all levels. This journey attracted many online players from around the world to participate. Surely you will be surprised by the gameplay that this game gives players. The treasures are different but you can find 3 similar items to redeem them. Become the king of the treasure in the sea in this great discovery game.

Players love the game and share them with other friends. It is great if you win all levels today. We continually expand the player's world and become the guides that help players have the best gaming tips on their journey at ABCya games of the puzzle. Each player uses their play style and overcomes the difficulties of this special game without being bothered by any factors. Are you ready for a new journey while participating in our famous games? Learn the game instructions and take part in the first round to choose the best way to play.

Huge treasures are sinking on the ocean floor and you discover them. Sparkling boxes or pirates' heads sank to the bottom of the ocean. All of them attract you to join and complete this puzzle game as well as many other similar games like Puppy Blast and Skydom. We help players to participate and perfect the challenge

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move the same treasure and redeem them