Shot Gems

Update all the levels you want to enter and pass in the world of Shot Gems at Fill the blanks with gems. In each position, you need to fill 10 gems. Find the most precise direction for the gems and win our amazing game world at each level. 

On some levels, you need to try hard to face new challenges. Pass more levels as you can and fill up more points than you can with 1000 gems. The number of gems is limited, so don't lose them in vain. Use the gems that the game has given you to win all the levels when you join this game. Multiplayer overcame the challenges and became the best player in their spare time. Save new games and gaming skills to pass them. You can share this with new players. 

Our online game list is continuously updated daily. Players easily find many new games to join in their spare time without being bothered by the appearance of ads. ABCya's new games expand the game world of different favorite themes. In each position, the player must shoot 10 gems for them to appear. Find a rule of the game that you need to follow. Move the gems to a new location and stay away from the red obstacles if you don't want to lose your life. 

Play a fun game that any player has the opportunity to participate in their spare time. Complete different missions and become the best player to unlock levels. You can also save a list of online games with many similar games such as Axes Merge 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to move the jewels or tap directly on the screen.