Paper Rush

Paper Rush is a journey that attracts online players with a special game version. Jump over locations, collect all the stars and reach the finish line safely. Explore the game journey you love at Spend time taking turns and jumping over platforms to reach the black hole to complete the level. Try to collect all stars to complete a perfect level. Choose new journeys and join with the skills you have today. We help players enjoy countless new games without any distractions. Become a good player by sharing that you learn through the play of other players.

Who can join this game? Based on new ways of playing, we guide players through stairs and avoid collisions with obstacles. You need to determine the jump distance to make the best choice for this online journey. Who will become a good player? Countless players unlock our new game world. Choose a new way to play with our favorite versions of the game. Who will choose a new way to play through our list of online games? This journey suggests to players new online quests that you can hardly miss. The world of ABCya free games attracts all players.

Learn the movement skills to jump over any location and reach the finish line safely through this game. Will you get 3 stars? Find your way around and win our online game with a high score. Multiplayer can't miss today's new way of playing the game. Unlock every journey you love with high scores. Share the online game list with many similar games such as Link Line Puzzle and Brain Master

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to jump, and click twice if you want to jump higher.