Pirate Defense

Defending against the onslaught of enemies will help you win the Pirate Defense game. New fighting games are updated at https://abcya.games/. You need to place defensive structures to prevent pirates from coming in 15 challenging levels divided into 3 areas. Don't lose to their onslaught. With the new battle plan you find out, you can win all the challenges of this game. Your friends will enjoy the levels of the game. Upgrade and strengthen your defenses for stronger defenses. Good luck with the new ways of playing now. You will love and want to complete ABCya's online fighting game in your spare time. Our list of new games has attracted many players worldwide to choose and participate. Expand different levels and complete new challenges.

With each mission, you will discover different powers and choose one of the most special games. Try to become the best player today. Which player will top the ranking list? Complete the tasks that you want to participate in today. World-famous strategists need your help in any battle. Where would be the safest location? Destroy waves of enemies to defend the stronghold. Many players have discovered and won this online gaming world. Each player has a way of playing without being bothered by ads or game loading speed.

When your opponents appear, they will be attacked with strongholds that you create. Observe the number of enemies to come up with the best placement arrangement. Follow the game's instructions on the first few turns to make your choice. Complete quests in your spare time. Players who love fighting games also expand their game world with other games like Barbarian Vs Mummy Game and Fireblob. Unlock all missions today.

Instruction to play:

Use LEFT MOUSE to place your strongholds and fight