Popit Plus

The first level makes you feel Popit Plus is an easy game. In the pop-up window, there are many different balls. You should click on the corresponding large balls at the bottom. ABCya sport games world captivates you with the novel content of this game. When unlocking the balls at the top, you have to click the correct position of the balls at the bottom like football, basketball, volleyball, or rugby. Observe the color and position of the falling balls to choose the best answer. You do this until you unlock all the balls and win the level. If you miss the balls and do not meet the requirements of the game, you need to start the game again.

Join this game with the amazing collect skills you have. We help players join many new games without being bothered by any factors. Share your best gameplay today. Every time the ball falls, you must choose the correct type of them at the bottom of the screen. This excellent game is special for many players. We take players to a world of different colors at https://abcya.games/.

You will have a chance to join different gameplay and tips. Players will complete challenges as quickly as possible in their spare time. After winning this online game, the player has a chance to become the best player on the leaderboard. Get familiar with the colors and shapes of the balls. What sport do you love the most? Win our game with novel content. You will be excited to click on each ball and find the hidden point behind them. New games are updated in your game list like Penalty Champs 21 and Drunken Wrestle

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click on the circles in the game.