Princess Team Bohemian

Do you know what Elsa Jasmine and Aurora have in common ladies Apart if being three of the most beloved Disney princesses they all share the same passion for the playful bohemian style Thats right girls in todays Princess Team new dress up game you are going to dress your favorite fairytale character in a bohemian chic outfit of your choice First of all decide on the girls hair you can choose some natural waves for Elsa the Frozen Queen a really nice side braid for teen princess Aurora and a loose crownbraid for princess Jasmine Next you can select their outfits Go for playful geometrical or flower prints go for fringes or ruffles and accessorize each of your selections with statement long earrings and flower accessories in their hair Try to complete each of your combo with matching shoes and cute handbags Have a great time plying the Princess Team Bohemian dress up game